Topola and the surroundings

Topola is situated in the central part of Serbia, in the middle of Sumadija, at the crossroads of important routes. You can get to Topola from Belgrade (80 kilometers) via the international E75 route, from Arandjelovac (15 kilometers) via M4 highway, from Kragujevac (42 kilometers) via M24 highway.

Our guests get a chance to, besides the contents of our complex, also discover and visit historical monuments and sights such as: Oplenac Park, well known for King Petar’s vineyards; The Church of Saint George and The Kings home, better known as Petar’s house. Oplenac, besides tourist visits to sights, is also suitable for athletes as a place for preparation for upcoming competitions. The park has long walking lanes. A significant historical complex is located in the town center: Karadjordje’s town, which consists of The Church of The Holy Mother of God, Karadjordje’s abode and Karadjordje’s military barrack. Klima okoline:
Region climate: temperate humid subtropical with warm summers up to 35 degrees Celsius and snowy winters with temperatures from -5 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius.